Steadfast Community Elders – Shepherds

Lead Teaching Pastor

My desire is to be a faithful herald of God’s Word to God’s people. I am humbled that God would use a wretched man like me to lead, shepherd, protect, and steward His church in Slidell, Louisiana. I pray the Lord keeps me steadfast all of my day’s as I labor for His glory. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for Steadfast Community Church.

Pastor Josh

Family Pastor

“Slidell is a place in desperate need of restoration that only comes from hearts being transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe God can radically change the culture of Slidell, Louisiana, so that it is a city that honors Christ as Lord. This may be a lofty idea, but our Lord is mightier to do more than we can imagine. This is my constant prayer: That He would be exceedingly gracious to Slidell by turning the hearts of the people to Him. Please pray for this with me.”

Pastor Casey