Photo by Fa Barboza

We are a missional church rooted in historic biblical Christianity that is committed to reaching an ever-changing culture with a never-changing message.

Why the name?

We chose our church name to reinforce the fact that the body of Christ is a ransomed people, a called-out people for God’s glory to “proclaim the excellencies of him who has called” us “out of darkness into his marvelous light.” We want people to know Jesus. We want the opportunity to tell and to show that Jesus has ransomed us, transformed us, and brought us together in community through this good news which is the Gospel.

What does the church look like? How is it structured?

Our church is different by design: we desire for the Gospel to transform us as a people and allow us to live normal (yet radically transformed) lives in our city and broader communities with Gospel-saturated intentionality.

In order to accomplish this, we keep the structure of the church really simple. We have borrowed and learned from the way Jesus made his disciples.

We live in what we like to call “life-on-life” community with 10-25 others in what we call a Missional Community. Missional Communities typically come together as a family in homes to fellowship, share a meal, study Scripture, and apply the Gospel to their lives in the context of community. There are 3 identities that we seek to live out in our Missional Communities: (1) Family– because we have been adopted by the Father, (2) Servant– because we follow King Jesus, and (3) Missionary– because we have been empowered and sent by the Holy Spirit into the world to make disciples.

What is the vision and mission of the church?

We say that the vision of our church is to be a Gospel-centered, community-driven, mission-focused people who seek to make much of Jesus and his Gospel.

We are committed to being Gospel-centered. The Gospel is the good news that Jesus came to ransom for himself a people (by his virgin birth, perfect life, substitutionary death, literal resurrection, and glorious ascension) and that one day he will return and judge the world and renew all things to himself.

We are community-driven, which means that the church is not just a building, not just a place, but it is the people of God who have been transformed by the Gospel and sent on mission into the world for God’s glory.

We are mission-focused, which means we are seeking to glorify God as we make, mature and multiply disciples of Jesus. Though there are many honorable things that the church is called to, we believe that our primary calling and mission is making disciples that make disciples, and to that end we are focused.